Monday, October 24, 2005

So I haven't been doing much lately. I really need to get back to that, find a job and work it, do this schoolwork (I have decided officially that my class is bad and a waste of time) which accrues. I need to write. I need things to write about. I need more art to inspire. I need all that shit.

I downloaded some new music- Page France's first record, after finding two songs off the upcoming record on mp3 blogs. This album, which I play now, is much more emo than I generally tolerate. Or, more accurately, it's more soundtrack-indie than most bands I like. More delicate, and vocals and lyrics add up to "kind of a pussy" rather than the "kind of a weirdo" that I prefer. The one mp3 blog mentioned Death Cab as well as Neutral Milk Hotel. This first album plays up the former more than the later stuff. Moments? Yeah maybe a few.

Something else that has its moments: Three Kings, which I watched today.

Goodnight America.

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