Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Finished another short story, "Reviewing The Dailies." "Erica Bleeds" I have decided is also finished. So that's it for short stories. The focus should now be on novels, but I'm sure short stories will come up when I become discouraged or think my form needs more work. "Reviewing The Dailies" is my stab at being experimental, and I don't know if it worked. I should really submit it, I'm thinking to Seattle's Golden Handcuffs Review.

So that's nine short stories, although some are very short indeed- I mostly don't count that thing, Rubberband Summer, I posted it on this blog awhile back, but I'm counting it now to make nine, even though it's crazy short, and I could order them into a book if I wanted to. I decided the arbitrary device would be the age of the narrators/main characters, and that ended up working fairly well.

I also have school work to deal with. Hm. Not so much a fan of that. Also, I should get a job, as I'm shit poor. Nothing new there. This is why I don't post so much. Well, that and I've been posting more on message boards and whatnot, as I find that a good outlet for nerd ramblings of those whose own lives aren't really amounting to anything.

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