Thursday, January 22, 2004

So, yesterday that Neutral Milk Hotel t-shirt came in.
Also, yesterday, Evie said I should update this more.

I'm tempted to just post stuff that no one wants to read whenever someone makes such a request. Sure, it's borderline complimentary, but you know me, I'm pretty punk rock. Want to defy expectations and alienate my audience. If I had a digital camera, I could start documenting each time I take a crap. But I don't have a digital camera. But, along the lines of posting stuff that no one wants to think about: I have no sex drive at all. Rather than have the sex-drive of a college student, I have the sex drive of a corpse. And not the kind of corpse that died with an erection and this has gone unrelieved. No. Normal corpse.

Anyway, I get the impression that most people aren't psyched when I talk about music, as no one cares what I think. But there's been a few songs I've been digging that are actually really bad, and I feel they should be mentioned, along with why I like them.

First off- Atom And His Package's Philadelphia. Crap song, not big on the whole style- Goofy synth fun for the hardcore kids or whatever. But- this song is about Philadelphia, and it has this enthusiasm for the city that I share, and this makes it endearing. It's a happy song, a sing-along. "Philadelphia is a place where the mummers are weird" well said, my friend. Ween's Freedom Of '76 is cooler, but really, that song's cooler than a lot of things.

Next- The Faint's Casual Sex. I like the long noisey bit before it becomes just some kind of shitty new-wave revival. And there's the borderline stream-of-consciousness bit "I think it's time we figured out why each time I fall asleep it's nightime in a dream there's a dolphin" so it seems to exist in some kind of genius-retard netherworld.

Halo Benders' Your Asterisk. I like this band because of Doug Martsch. He is so very much where the talent lies. The record I have, God Don't Make No Junk, is too minimal K Records pop. The Rebel's Not In, found on iTunes has a bit more of Built To Spill influence on songs like Virginia Reel Around The Fountain. But this song- goddammit, it's all Calvin Johnson. His time to shine. He has a vocal melody. On all the other songs on the album, he's annoying as hell, but here, he works. The song also has Doug Martsch saying "yeah" which I am never not a fan of.

And breaking from the tradition, I'll mention a genuinely good song- Silver Jews' Random Rules. It's a good song, but it has a definite high-point. That being the second chorus- which isn't really a chorus. Anyway, the point where the trumpet (?) comes in and the drum beats away. The "yeah, you look like someone..." bit. It's a moment that shames the rest of the album, which is really good, but that one moment is so much more immediate. It's like how Dry The Rain is the high point of The Three EPs, and the best part of that song is very much the part in High Fidelity.

Also- got a letter back from these people who were doing a study on drinking habits amongst college students. I think the computer fucked up, in that I gave them the impression that I only drink on Sundays, and on Sundays, I drink 15 drinks. So, apparently, I am in the 91st percentile of college drinkers, in that I drink more or equal to 91 percent of college students. This is not true.

If I could close this with a picture of one of my turds in a toilet, I would.

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