Wednesday, January 07, 2004

So, now that I'm back in my room, I've resumed reading Lolita. I was flipping through it's pages when I came across a sheet of paper. I bought the book used, so this might've been left by the previous owner. On one side we have white text on a black background, but it's not entirely black. It was cut out from something, and it's apparent that not all it was cut out from was black, just this portion of text had a black background, for emphasis. Anyway, it reads, in all capitals "WE WERE JUST CONCERNED WITH FUCKING AROUND" on the back of the slice of paper is normal printed writing, with the white-on-black design technnique for the page number, thirty. Anyway, two lines of print can be read.

toon types of stoner metalhead kids that you could imagine," Kurt recalls. "They were so hilarious-zits, no teeth, reeking of pot."

So yeah, it's probably about Nirvana. It's just odd I came across it now. It would be better if I had discovered once I got to the page it was on, but whatever.

Let's continue on the path of me writing about things that no one else cares about. My AIM's all fucked up.

I'm thinking about buying a Neutral Milk Hotel t-shirt. I was at the Orange Twin website. This one. The text in the boxes reads "Somewhere soft and warm and without maggots" with one word per box. Awesome, but the art's kind of craptacular. But I do love me some Neutral Milk Hotel. I'm thinking it evens out.

What else- making mix CDs. One project that had been on my mind for a while was a dance mix filled with music that doesn't suck ass. I'm going to keep on throwing songs onto the iTunes tracklist until there's enough to fill a CD- more than 70 minutes. I'm following the mix rule of not repeating artists, because I'm a huge fucking dork. Then, tonight, I was thinking that this one Unicorns song would be a good opener, as it starts off with a piccolo. There was also a Magnetic Fields song I thought was particularly good, but neither were especially danceable, so I just started another mix, that will be half-assed and consist of songs I already have on iTunes. And I'm not repeating songs from the other mixes on this one. This one probably will never be finished, I just didn't want to delete the tracklist (now up to four songs) once I started it. I just have this terrible music-geek drive to make them. It's a similar compulsion to that which makes me write in this blog. Anyway, if anybody wants this mix once I finish it, you know, probably before I die, say something. You can act like I made it because I really care about you, and am a good friend. I will allow you that self-delusion as it creates a scenario where I am not insane.

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