Monday, January 19, 2004

Me and Alex discuss "Float On"

AndrewWKIsntGood: so whatchya think of the new modest mouse song?
waffle4223: haven't listened to it yet
AndrewWKIsntGood: really?
waffle4223: nope
AndrewWKIsntGood: should check it out
waffle4223: i'm doing it now
AndrewWKIsntGood: it seems like it could be a radio single
AndrewWKIsntGood: imo
waffle4223: it's short enough
AndrewWKIsntGood: just everything about it
waffle4223: yeah
AndrewWKIsntGood: and i mean that in the best way possible
waffle4223: huh
AndrewWKIsntGood: well i mean its not like them doing commercial radio bullshit
waffle4223: yeah
waffle4223: dude for a second his vocal reminded me of hot hot heat
AndrewWKIsntGood: its just a modest mouse that people in general would probably enjoy
waffle4223: the vocals aren't that high in the mix
AndrewWKIsntGood: hmm well theres always a chance hot hot heat just got a lot better
waffle4223: it's just the vocals that sound like hot hot heat in places
AndrewWKIsntGood: havent listened to em much.. wasnt interested enough in em
waffle4223: and the guitar kinda' sounded like hot hot heat just then
AndrewWKIsntGood: hmm
waffle4223: i don't think it could be a single
AndrewWKIsntGood: really?
waffle4223: it sounds like modest mouse but LESS
AndrewWKIsntGood: yeah
waffle4223: like with all the edges off.
AndrewWKIsntGood: exactly
AndrewWKIsntGood: edges cut
AndrewWKIsntGood: and people dont like being cut
waffle4223: like lonesome crowded west trimmed to a pop song
waffle4223: and the abrasiveness kept in check
AndrewWKIsntGood: yeah
AndrewWKIsntGood: thats a single
waffle4223: no because there's not a hook
AndrewWKIsntGood: hmmm
AndrewWKIsntGood: true

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