Tuesday, January 02, 2007

A few days ago I cut my hair, all of it, the head stuff anyway. Not pubes. It got out of hand and I decided to just scorch the earth, because some people (women) had told me that the bald thing worked out well for me.

And I guess my head has grown, or maybe it's these glasses that are different from my old glasses although not so much that people can tell the difference.

Because hoo boy this doesn't look too good at all. I will wait for it to grow back, in this new year, and I resolve to learn a lesson, that a shaved head is a young man's game. (I got the idea from fictional characters that were the type that an angry young fellow would like. I might look like a monk now, but that's not where the impulse arose when I was in high school, and now there is a disconnect.)

It will grow back.

Spent last night running around with my brother keyless, and had to go back to his house with him because I didn't have a key. And we left early because he had been aching to fuck his ladyfriend. But I ran around spending money, bars with entry fees, with that feeling of restraint that comes from not really being in your element, when you are with someone who is in their element and probably judging your from your ability to roll with it.

So here is hoping that 2007 is spent in my element, that that is something I will be able I will able to break through to and then cultivate. That includes doing more writing, right? It does if I am at all the person I think of myself as being, which I kind of need to be, in order to ever be in my element.

The literal element I'm in would be oxygen, but I'm talking about figurative elements here people.

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