Friday, May 05, 2006

So, I'm late on paying these bills. And I'm behind on this work for class, maybe- Reading a book that's none-too-compelling, writing a close reading about an animation I don't really feel I understand enough for such a thing. I want to hand in a resume to Orca Books sometime in the near future- They're not hiring, and I'm too busy, but I want to make a small gesture towards maybe staying in Olympia and saving myself a hassle. I'm dropping balls in a way that Bruce Lee never did, is what I'm saying.

(did you catch all the levels there? There were some levels there.)

But today I saw the Pacific Ocean for the first time, I stood on the west coast and looked out on water and didn't see land. I walked the beach, picked up sandollars, sung "woo-oo-ooh, these are selfish times" to myself, and felt the sand beneath my feet, various textures from fine grains to compacted to wet, had the cold water come up in the form of a tide and numb my feet, played with dogs and punched the ground. There were all of these trees that had been bleached white and were washed up and covered in sand, like images from Days Between Stations, looking like wooly mammoth bones, and being referred to as such by me.

Yesterday I spent some money that I don't have ordering CDs from Amazon- That upcoming Matmos record, and the McCluskyism 3-disc. The Matmos album is great, and I was tired of people downloading it off me when they should just be buying it. Today Pitchfork gave the new Sunset Rubdown a Best New Music recommendation, and then a shitload of people downloaded it off me. I've had it for awhile now, and I agree with Brandon Stosuy's opinion about it- It's really good, one of my favorites, something I've listened to a lot to come out this year, along with that Matmos album- Using the whole iTunes most played feature I find I've listened to those, Islands, and Man Man the most. (After that, it's Lightning Ghost by Bird Show.) All of these would be records worth buying, if you're someone with disposable income.