Wednesday, February 18, 2004

I'm excited again. That Brainiac record showed up in the mail today, showed up early, and it's quite good indeed. I thought I was getting a care package in the mail, but maybe that'll come tomorrow, which is also the last day of the radio station training bit. I also go into the radio station record library with my laptop in my bookbag and rip CDs. So that's a fun time, although I'm not particularly excited for it. I like the idea of finishing up the training, even though it's far from the worst thing ever. Tomorrow I'm also going to go to Grocery Outlet and buy Pop Tarts, which is also not a cause for excitement.

What is a cause for excitement, at least for me, not for any of you, is this: McSweeney's is having a contest, which one of the stories I've been working on meets the criteria for. I probably won't win. Which is not to say that you should enter, because you shouldn't. But the possibility of winning is an invigorating one, to say the least. It invigorated me to write several more paragraphs of that story in question, which had been stalled. So for that alone, it's a good thing. That it's also given the story more of a slant towards the clever, away from the nihilistic/transgressive vein I'm afraid of falling into, is also a good thing.

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