Sunday, December 21, 2003

For those who enjoy laughing at my misfortune: Flew back to New Jersey today. It turns out that all of my comics/graphic novels of a nontraditional size got FUCKED. Warped by water, consumed by mildew, then warped by drying. All of them. The short list: Jimmy Corrigan, Eightball, Likewise, Scott Morse stuff, and old Far Side collections from when I was but a wee young'n: ALL FUCKED.

My mom remains kind of lame with her caring, my stepdad remains a prick with his saying of stupid shit.

This is funny: My stepdad was given a DVD player for his birthday, along with some of the worst movies of the past five years. I know what you're thinking "Does he have Serving Sara?" Does he ever. Along with How To Lose A Guy In Ten Days!

Oh, and at the airport, my plane was oversold. So they offered a free round trip to anywhere in the continental United States and Canada to whoever would give up their seat to take the next plane to Philadelphia. I spent a shitload of time at the airport, but now I have a free round trip.

When I go back to Olympia, I'll get my laptop back, which means that you can expect the general quality of these posts to improve.

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