Monday, December 05, 2005

All The Real Girls is the good kind of indie movie, not the bad kind. It actually works and is funny and moving and individual and not hip and condescending and... It's just so much a collection of individual scenes, and the scope of how it works, it comes off more like an album loosely based on a concept and a narrative like a more recent Mountain Goats album, or maybe a book of haikus based on a theme.

I want to say it's the last indie movie I've seen to really work for me and affect me since Lovely And Amazing, but Me And You And Everyone We Know was more recent. I guess I'm thinking Nicole Holofcener because this feels smaller. Or because Lovely And Amazing is just closer to the kind of thing I'm talking about when I say an indie movie in reference.

As for the bad kind: Does anyone think that Brokeback Mountain will have scenes of pudding being eaten? And I mean that literally, as a South Park reference, than as pudding as meaning semen.

For better blogging, you should be reading that myspace thing. I bring the laughs something fierce.

But yeah, see All The Real Girls, if you get the chance. And by "if you get the chance," I mean pursue it, because it's not a hard movie to see- It's on DVD.

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