Sunday, May 15, 2005

I spent the day working on my Amazon wishlist, which is admittedly a pretty disgusting way to spend a day. There will be no link to said list, as I don't expect anyone to buy me anything. I will, however, mention one thing on the list: Michael Kupperman's Snake And Bacon's Cartoon Cabaret, which is less than three dollars when bought from the used and new section. I first heard of this when McSweeney's offered free copies to everyone who ordered more than thirty dollars worth of product from their store one week, and guaranteed enjoyment. Then I did some investigation, where people with tastes seemingly similar to mine called it the funniest comic they've ever read. I also heard Kupperman wrote some bits for the TV Funhouse show, the stuff that was funny and weird and different from the rest of the show. I found out that he also drew one-page comics for The Believer sometimes, and then I read one of those comics, "The life of Pablo Picasso, as narrated by a hamburger." So, yes, if anyone wants to buy this for me, it might run around five bucks after shipping's included. I'd buy it for myself, had I not decided not to buy anything until I had a job. Who knows how I'll feel after I have a job, though? I'm sure it's good, but enthusiasm is a slippery sort of fish.

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