Monday, May 16, 2005

And once again we are left with no future at all.

The one class I wanted to get into for next year, the only one that held any appeal, that I could take and not feel like I was regressing, the only class where I could learn about things that I didn't know about but wanted to did not accept me. Where I'm at right now, taking classes on writing or literature is dead and wasted to me. I want to learn film-editing techniques, to be able to create film, to produce work. There's one class that teaches these skills. And as such, it's a popular class at Evergreen. So of course, it's harder to get into, requiring an application process. Some of the blame for not getting the class falls on me, but maybe not all of it.

So yeah, I'm completely fucked. There's no reason for me to attend Evergreen in the fall. Honestly, for me to do such a thing would actually be regrettable. And if I don't go here in the fall, than I do not know what I will be doing in the fall. Will I be in Philadelphia, working a shit job? I don't know. I'd like to be in Olympia, working, writing, maybe filming on the side. Which would probably require me to get a job right now.

And I've got this film festival, which defers that, and I need for full credit. Another thing I need for full credit is to complete this group project by Wednesday, and I can't get in contact with the people in my group.


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