Friday, July 02, 2004

Been meaning to write something in this, open letters to a few people. Blogging really isn't that easy when you don't have a computer with a cable connection. I might just try to contact people individually.

Anyway, the latest. My dad had a heart attack, but didn't die. He'll have to eat healthier now, although I don't know if he will. I wonder if he's done coke. Which is a weird thing to wonder about your dad. Most people know if their parents have done coke, or have no reason to suspect. My dad hangs out with strippers, so I'm thinking he's been around coke. Can't really ask him about it, though. My mom got fired from the inner-city Christian school she worked at, essentially because she doesn't understand black people. She might put it differently, but I mean, holy shit, she really doesn't understand even the barest bones of the culture, I think. I want to ask her if she knows how important Malcolm X is to most black families... He's known for being militant and muslim, so I'm sure my mom dismisses him. She says dumb shit. Moving on.

Saw two movies in theaters, both sequels to films I haven't seen. Spider-Man 2 and Before Sunset. Both are good if you like that kind of thing. I like the Before Sunset kind of thing more... Richard Linklater's great. I've wanted to see Before Sunrise for ages. It seems like it would be Lost In Translation done right. Before Sunset is a very talky movie, but in a way closer to everyday speech than most talky movies, in that much of the conversation comes across as fairly banal. None of the high-minded discussion of Waking Life finds it's way into the movie. And yet, it's still good. A few scenes are great, like the fact that the movie ends the way it does. It seems kind of defiant.

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