Monday, April 05, 2004

So I've been mapping my high school history in my mind, trying to work out what happened when, etc. It's pretty easy to break down stuff that happened in school into years, obviously. The school stuff remains, and I know when it happened. In terms of books I read and music I listened to, things are a bit more vague. The reason this blog mentions the movies I see (the last two- Dawn Of The Dead remake and Robert Altman's Nashville) is to map out that history. Writing the 2003 year in review thing helped too.

But anyway, yeah, 2001 was when I started reading a lot of the Milligan and Morrison that I now call some of my favorite comics ever. In September 2001, Sept. 11th happened, obviously, my stepdad had a heart attack, Home Movies came back on the air, I was in 11th grade.

This matters to no one.

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