Thursday, April 08, 2004

Hey, it's 4:20 AM. I haven't slept yet, but I woke up at 3 this morning/yesterday. I have class at 11 tomorrow though. So, yeah, more crazy sleep schedule fun. I started thinking that this blog has been kind of whiny or whatever lately, and hasn't featured any shit-talking. Which I should really get on. But now, I'm going to write one of my posts where I talk about music and movies.

Last movie I watched was Santa Sangre, by Alexandro Jodorowsky. I don't think I could get past the fact that I heard that Jodorowsky's kind of misogynist, and women get treated really shittily in his work, and wondering about the female members of the audience reaction to it. To my knowledge, none had a negative reaction to this, it was only me, because I was the only one with advance knowledge of Jodorowsky's work. I also fell asleep for a few minutes. Anyway, it's kind of crazy, there's some good shots/imagery. Some over-the-top stuff that feels symbolic, it ends with a Psalm from the Bible. It had a lot going for it, i.e. violence, but what it didn't have was a character to care about so you cared about the movie. Mainly it's just crazy shit. When I woke up, it was a horror movie, which it wasn't before I fell asleep. Before I fell asleep it was pretty genre-less. It was probably genre-less on the whole. I don't know what my reaction to it was. It engaged me on an intellectual level with the weirdness and such. But usually, weirdness gets me on a visceral level... I guess the misogyny was kind of off-putting, and that Psalm seems like a dash of pretension, or just a weird joke. I laughed at it. Because, yeah, fucked-up movie. Would've been great if there was a human core to it, but I guess that's not necessary.

Bought the new Modest Mouse, 8 bucks at Best Buy. Weakest thing they've done, but there's a really good interview with Isaac Brock at the Onion AV Club. It actually makes him seem like a good guy... He denies the rape charges. Oh man, but I heard the live album, that has some really unfunny banter on it. There's no reason for that live album to exist. Granted, it's only sold on the internet, but still, why would you buy that?

I'm looking forward to the Les Savy Fav singles compilation/DVD so I can buy it. As it stands now, Les Savy Fav is one of those bands that I have given no money to at all, but really like. I want to see them live, and own something by them.

I was planning on giving more of my money to Young People, but today I also found someone with a CD-R compiling their two records, so I have those on my computer now. Not as good as the live show. And the lyrics turn out to be kind of lacking. But they're still good. I listened to War Prayers for the second time, and didn't recognize a lot of it from the first time I listened to it, which was only a few hours before. So I should listen to it more, get to know the songs before I dive into the self-titled record.

Listening to the upcoming Wilco record now, and it's not that good.

I also got tax forms from my dad, which I need to finish filling out and send in tomorrow. I already wrote down a wrong address, in that I should've written down my brother's because I'm going to be there when the refund comes in. So I need to buy white-out.

My life is so far from fascinating. But I guess I was happy today, what with the getting up late thing. That made it a good day.

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