Thursday, December 25, 2003

It's Christmas day and everybody's wounded. Well, not me, but everyone else. And actually, it's not even Christmas anymore here on the east coast.

I got the Michel Gondry DVD which I don't want now that I've borrowed Alex's copy, and the latest Flaming Lips EP and the new Shins record, which I'm listening to now. I'd heard it previously, on iTunes, on not very loud headphones. I like it better through speakers, but I'm still thinking I prefer the first record. I was also given a book by Thomas Hobbes which my mom figures I'll have to read at some point. She is probably right, but I'm not going to bring it back to Olympia this trip as my luggage is full and I'm not going to be reading it this quarter. She also apparently got me a boardgame, but didn't give it to me, which is cool, as I'm not sure I could mask that combination of "I don't want this," "I don't need this," and "Where am I going to fit this?" and "What about my personality suggests I would enjoy this?"

By the way I'm not that bummed about the loss of all my comics and shit I mentioned in my last post. I'm taking either a zen buddhist or a nihilist perspective to the whole thing- fuck it, they're just possessions. And they can be replaced.

Other music stuff- I might be able to get that Sufjan Stevens Michigan record for free as a dude at my church I'm friends with works for Sounds Familyre. And my dad doesn't know what to get me, so he'll probably buy me some CDs on Saturday. Also, my brother gave me a gift certificate for Spaceboy. Records I'm looking at purchasing soon include Bonnie "Prince" Billy- I See A Darkness, Silver Jews- American Water, Califone- Quicksand/Cradlesnakes, and Liars- We No Longer Knew What We Were EP. Oh, and I bought the Television Adventure reissue for 15 bucks at Best Buy, the cheapest I've seen it anywhere. I guess that even corporate chains price stuff cheaper in Philadelphia suburbs than they do in Olympia.

And tomorrow I'm going to be back in Chi, hanging out with Jason and Erin and hopefully some other people. I'm doing this early, as my dad's going to drop me off on his way to work. I'm going to sleep on Jason's couch. Regardless, I should probably go to bed now.

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