Thursday, August 13, 2009

Oh, that's interesting: The 33rd issue of McSweeney's is set to be a newspaper- with journalism, fiction, and a comics section. Called "The San Francisco Panorama." Putting up a fight for the format. It's interesting in part because comics have fought the same battle in recent years, but now print is in decline so much that the rest will catch up. I wonder if they can price it cheaply enough for it to be effective. Before that, issue 32 is set to have a story set in the future by Salvador Plascencia, last published in issue 22, with the first chapter of his novel appearing in 12.

While I'm linking to things: This is hysterical/infuriating. (Not the piece I am linking to so much as what it discusses.)

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laura said...

It's obviously the product of a slow news day, but I love the idea that hipsters, who have been killing themselves in the gym for the past 8 years, only emerged to get fat in the name of opposition. That's quite the affectation.

I bet McSweeney's will drop the ball by pricing that next issue too high, but it's a cool idea.