Monday, December 08, 2008

Cool bands to see if they come to your town, whose split cassette I would've liked to buy if I had money on me:

Skoal Kodiak
Knife World

Unreleased song to find on Youtube and blow your mind:

Ol' Dirty Bastard's version of Build Me Up Buttercup. Sure, it's excerpted for a Rhymefest song, but this has ODB rapping verses

Cool tape by a cartoonist that works like a comic:

Anti-Matter Alma Mater by Matthew Thurber. From his "book-on-tape" label Potlatch, I Gather, comes this radio-play style soundtrack to an art installation I found really compelling.


laura said...

love ODB's cover. mind blown.

benjamin said...

amazing. i am ready to die now.

0h$hi~t said...

I had an idea of you making your blog searchable. Because sometimes I hear of bands and wonder if you listen to them, ie. I saw a band called Beach House and wanted to see if you knew which of their albums were better, if you even liked them.

erin said...

uhh that was me btw

Brian said...

Their first record is better! And my blog is searchable. I did a search for "Beach House" and learned that while I never wrote a post about them specifically, I've been using them as a reference point since January 2007, which is really arrogant considering I think that was the first month I even heard of them.

erin said...

wow yeah I just noticed that there was a search blog option built into that there toolbar at the top. and I thought that was just advertising.

anyway, thanks, I am just starting to listen to "new" music again

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