Tuesday, September 02, 2008

This new version of Firefox is bullshit. I am particularly mad at the way it organizes my browsing history, and then displays it in a pop-up menu rather than a sidebar. This is made worse by the way URLs are saved: These are things that I use instead of bookmarks, people, and when thinking "Okay maybe I'll add bookmarks" I end up dealing with another pop-up menu, as opposed to a sidebar and just becoming disgusted. I would never have updated except for the fact that some sites pretty much stopped working in terms of showing content: For example, pages on the Village Voice were all sidebar links and no articles. That is still less inconvenient than what I now have to put up with.


bryan elfboy said...

there's still a sidebar, under view-sidebar

i guess i never used sidebars, though. i think it's annoying how it doesnt just auto-complete URLs as you type them, but also tries to go with titles of pages too. it's confusing. annoying.

Alex said...

You should give Google Chrome a try. I've been using it since it came out the other day and I'm loving it. None of that autocomplete using the title of page bullshit. Though I've never been about the sidebars either. But you can open a new tab and it shows you thumbnails of all your favorite/most visited pages.