Thursday, November 15, 2007

When people talk about hip-hop/pop producers, Rich Harrison is underrated for weirdness. In addition to that Amerie song I really like, (actually, a lot of them are pretty good, and he does all those beats) he also did this new Usher song, "Dat Girl Right There," which I just heard, and is fucking crazy. I haven't heard about him listening to Black Dice, which Timbaland apparently does, but that really shouldn't matter- This song is way weirder than any Timbaland song I can name. Any contenders I am forgetting should be posted in the comments.

I wish either of those dudes would produce an Enon record. The new Enon is terrible for its generic rock and rolling- People saying it is the closest to Brainiac than any Enon record need to listen to Electro-Shock For President again. That record rules: It's weird dark minimal atmospheres (in a way kind of comparable to the last Kites record, actually) with just the slimmest bit of song structure for the vocals to freak out over. Seemingly when critics are comparing Grass Geysers... Carbon Clouds to Brainiac they are just referring to the points off Hissing Prigs In Static Couture that didn't age so well, which is just a handful of choruses where the vocals are mixed in a very 1990s alt-rock way. I am probably thinking of Veruca Salt as a comparison point. That didn't fuck up those songs, really, they're just the lamest part of an awesome band. (Or Smack Bunny Baby isn't so good, either, but that was before John Schmersal joined, so it probably doesn't count.) For Enon records, I guess I would put Lost Marbles and Exploded Evidence just behind Believo!

But yeah, that Usher song: Fucking crazy! That Amerie song: Pretty fucking good!

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Justin Fox said...

Well, Harrison's catalog is actually pretty short, and he's been mostly quiet for about two years now (partly because they still haven't released that Amerie album in the US). Beyoncé didn't even release any of his tracks as singles from her last album. If Freakum Dress had been on the radio, I think people would be talking about him more - and his weirdness.

We'll see in 2007, when this sweet Usher track is formally released.

As for other weird producers? Unfortunately, no one else in the mainstream comes to mind, except maybe Swizz Beats. But Chief Xcel's work for Blackalicious is nuts in a less-commercial Outkast way. And the Def Jux crew (specifically Rob Sonic, Aesop Rock and El-P) are always insane.