Wednesday, February 07, 2007

I want to write these books, but there are no words for them right now.

I had one of those days where a large chunk of your life collapses- Related to going to school, I got kicked out of the class I was going to. For real this time, for serious. I'm still working on a film project with other people in the class, but I need to do other things as well. Whatever. I've been taking that in stride since this morning, talk to me on the phone or in person and I'll explain what happened.

I did go to class today though, which is how they found me and told me to get lost. And before doing that I went to the computer center to print out my assignments. That was the most recent time I checked that e-mail account until just now, where I found another e-mail, allegedly from myself, that I did not send. It was titled "turn turn" and had text that said "Finally. I've been waiting my owl life to meet you."

In all likelihood this is either something attacking a bunch of hotmail accounts or it's someone who got onto hotmail after me because I didn't close things out properly. I don't think that happened, but it's possible.

It pretty much unnerved me, being on some last three David Lynch movies identity-doubling tip. Also there was an allusion to owls, which makes me think of Twin Peaks. "The owls are not what they seem."

But I switched my password up and I have other e-mail accounts. I will try to take this in stride.

I did a nice little bit of writing today, coming up with a crazy person's talking-to-herself monologue for the movie. One line of which is "It's too late in the day for a McGriddle and too early in the year for a shamrock shake" which I think we can all relate to.

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