Tuesday, August 10, 2004

So basically, I work, I steal CDs from work, I borrow DVDs from work.

I also read Gravity's Rainbow, which I'm close to finishing. It's not great. It's decent, and I will be filled with a feeling of satisfaction when the book is complete. Even though it's not going to satisfy my desire for books that just break my mind and flip my shit, I'll just be proud of myself.

So, um, movies.

First off, Natural Born Killers is a total piece of shit. Fuck that movie. Tries too hard, not funny, cliche-ridden.

Flirting With Disaster is smile-funny, not laugh-out-loud funny, and cute but nothing more.

Dog Day Afternoon is pretty damn good. Sidney Lumet knows how to do drama.

Alphaville is better than Weekend, but that says very little. Enjoyable, but I'm not going to recommend it.

Vertigo may or may not make sense, or come together. It's also very slow-paced until shit starts happening. The twist was one I didn't see coming. Has anyone discussed Mulholland Drive (or maybe Lost Highway) in the context of Vertigo? Obviously Vertigo's not as over-the-top, but it does have a long segment where you ask yourself "what the fuck is going on here."

Barton Fink is underrated. What a great movie, which I wasn't quite expecting because no one talks about how awesome it is. I liked it more than Fargo, easily. It's not that funny, but it's damn compelling and kind of entertaining.

Killer's Kiss made my mind wander. I guess the shots looked cool, because it's Kubrick, but slow-paced. Everyone likes Kubrick, but who's seen all of his movies? Fucking no one. People just tend to go based on other stuff about the movie they find interesting, which in itself is kind of fascinating. It's weird how most Stanley Kubrick collection sets don't include all of his work. He wasn't that prolific, he made 10 features, not counting Killer's Kiss and the one, shorter movie he made before that. Killer's Kiss has the great line "you're an old man, and you smell" said by a woman to the gangster who... loves her, I guess. My mind wandered. But that's a great, quotable line.

I also borrowed The Party but will watch that tomorrow.

Oh and I bought and read Caricature by Daniel Clowes. For those not in the know: Daniel Clowes is a cartoonist, does a comic called Eightball, which is mainly an anthology of just his work. It was in this that the comic Ghost World was serialized, which sucked as a comic, but he helped adapt into the movie, which was rather good. The new issue of Eightball's pretty damn good, and it's fascinating to me to read the online discussion because of the ambiguities of it, and people having their own ideas of what it's about. It brings to mind discussions of short stories in English class, only everyone involved in the discussion is smart and it's not being moderated by a complete dumbass. Caricature is a collection of short stories, in the Raymond Carver mold, but funnier. I liked it okay.

Someday soon I'm going to need to buy clothes.

Only music I've purchased is Streethawk: A Seduction by Destroyer, and a copy of Black Eyes' Cough on vinyl for Alez. I want to listen to the Black Eyes more, and I want Pitchfork to review it. It's a fucking crazy record. I've stolen a lot of music, very little of it notable. I now have a copy of Gentlemen by the Afghan Whigs, which makes me a minority for my age bracket. They're a nineties indie rock band, but not one the very good ones, and they've fallen out of fashion. Archers Of Loaf are way better.

Like many of my blog entries, this one ends when my urge to shit becomes to much to take. That is to say, now.

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