Monday, October 09, 2006

So the next day after I posted kind of about the Hold Steady, Pitchfork gave it a ridiculously positive review that it in no way deserves. And like a week ago I found out that on the one track that's pretty annoying due to the addition of other singers and a few other mistakes that one of those other singers was none other than the dude from Soul Asylum. That's completely unacceptable. I guess it's a matter of Minneapolis pride but sweet jesus no.

Matmos put out a three-inch EP for their tour and it's pretty great. It's a nice reminder that they probably made the best record of the year.

Speaking of this year: The elections are coming up, and I really have had the type of year which I could probably call a good year, but I'm making that declaration based on the democrats taking back the house and senate. I think I've said this here before, although maybe I have just told it to people over and over again. I find this weird and interesting because I am not usually one to just tie up my personal life with politics in any of the traditional ways, but in terms of evaluation it seems a way to swing the year in one direction or another.

One thing I know I haven't said here because I've just been telling people about it in real life is the story of how I was walking to downtown Olympia and some random dude offered me a blowjob after telling me I was cute. I hope to see that guy again in some kind of party context so I can just point at him and say "this guy, this guy right here, hoooo, this guy."

My blogging is really falling off in terms of quality. I need to get the writing muscles back to flexing.

I've been downloading season 4 of The Wire and having that be pretty much the only TV I watch with the occasional Colbert Report. I couldn't find a quality version of Freak Show, the Jon Benjamin/David Cross thing. But that Wire- It's hard to explain why I like that show, in terms of how there are no other traditional TV dramas I've ever enjoyed. Twin Peaks was not a traditional TV drama, in terms of the weirdness of the milieu. I know why I enjoyed that while other things bored me. This is just- I know why I like it, but those reasons seem so ridiculously biased. Why do I watch that and not NYPD Blue? Because NYPD Blue never felt like a sociology study making an argument for drug legalization. Talking about what makes The Wire good and different seems like you're celebrating boredom. I guess it's important that that context then makes the visceral stuff all the more so, although it also makes that stuff seem more ridiculous. I guess I'll leave it at saying it's a pretty funny show. And that despite the trappings, it doesn't feel like a genre show.

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