Monday, October 02, 2006

I have returned to Olympia, but I've yet to find my natural rhythms. I'm getting closer than I was.

Came back to find myself homeless, but now I've got a home. Far from everyone, encouraging me to stay inside. It's a duplex laid out much the same as the one I was living in a year ago. There's a new Hold Steady record on hand. It's got its flaws, but you know, it's verbal. And okay, "boys and girls in america have such a sad time together," wouldn't have struck me as a thing in Kerouac, which I don't read, but as a starting point for a bunch of words which will be running through my head for at least the next few months, I anticipate parallels. I've been running around with the party people and bearing witness to dramatics and feeling like breaking down. Maybe that'll stop soon.

I gave excerpts of my two books, both of which have two narrators, to two sets of couples. Feedback is anticipated.

The class I was on the waitlist for started to seem like an awful idea on the second day, when we all went into the gym for meditative breathing exercises. Laying on the floor looking at the ceiling with all the other reservations about it in my head I thought "Wait a second, this shouldn't be college." So now I'm trying to get into Art Media Praxis, which requires a portfolio, and my work, which I gave to Alex in June to turn into such a thing, is I guess in Alaska. Being shipped down in the near future, supposedly but. I don't know. What's important is that I actually was able to follow through with the idea to change tracks suddenly. That feels like progress even if the rest of my life still looks like a holding pattern.

I have a funny story about some dude offering me a blowjob but I've been telling that to everyone in real life so I'd rather not type it up here.

I just rewatched Delicatessen, showing it to Alex for the first time. It's great, you know. I almost have reservations about the yellow-saturated color scheme but in the end it's ability to balance the wonder and imagination of other Jeunet movies with this palpable darkness wins out over all things.

I watched Night Of The Hunter for the first time which almost had a great ending, but chose an inconsequential ending instead. I liked the religious stuff, the weird sexual innuendoes, the drunken old man. It's not the best-structured thing.

We christened the house with a Lightning Bolt record and the Paper Rad DVD. This is 2006. The Hold Steady record as well. It might not be good, but it'll be my shit regardless.

Oh, and that new Yo La Tengo record, with the Gary Panter cover, that's pretty amazing as well. Making definitive best-of-the-year statements will come later, but soon, after I'm fully moved-in and class-accepted and possessing a land-line phone and going to bed at unreasonable hours. As it stands I'll probably be asleep before one tonight.

I'll try to write here more, you know, with a less chaotic life.

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